Some of the most popular medium hairstyles 2011

Medium hairstyles 2011

Medium hair has started to become more and more popular this year, a lot of celebrities changing their look and deciding on one of the various medium hairstyles 2011. These types of haircuts are great for any type of hair, adding a lot of personality to your appearance.

You have the possibility of choosing one of the many medium hairstyles 2011 that are available and all you need to do is find a way to wear your hear which suits your personal style. A lot of famous people such as Emily Browning or Carey Mulligan chose to wear some of the medium hairstyles 2011.

Wearing your hair at a medium length is a great option because it allows you enough freedom to play with the way you arrange your hair. At the same time, are wonderful because you it’s very easy to mantain your hair healthy and beautiful without spending too much time washing it or combing it every morning.

A lot of medium hairstyles 2011 are based on asymmetrical cuts which reflect a very strong personality. Therefore, if you’re brave enough to choose these types of that you will be able to make an important statement.

Some of the other medium hairstyles 2011 that are available for you include bob hair styles, an elegant option for almost any type of face shape, being able to compliment your face features and making you look very feminine.

The bob haircut is very popular among many female celebrities because it is not only chic, but it also creates an appearance that catches the eye of many people which is what most famous people want to achieve when they walk on the red carpets.

Among other types of medium hairstyles 2011 you can also find cute and romantic curls that, combined with a bob cut, will make you look amazing. If you want to add other features to your look, you can decide on wearing bangs that could either be straight or swept on one side, offering you a very feminine look.

Most celebrities go through many look changes that are justified either by their profession or their own personality. Therefore, Jessica Alba or Scarlett Johansson are some of the famous actresses that decided to wear their hear at a medium length, choosing a choppy layered medium hair style to complete their appearance.

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